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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never surfed before; is this for me?

Our Mission is to provide a customized guiding experience abroad. No matter what your level we treat you the same.  We have everything here ready to go ! Boards, leashes, and professional instructors. We can take care of everything you need and more.  This is for anyone who is ready to have a great time in and out of the water.

If I have some surf experience, will I be able to work on more advanced maneuvers?

Our program is for beginner through advanced surfers. The experienced surfers will be taken to more advanced surf spots to challenge their surf skills. Our Founder Ryan Croteau has a strong competitive surfing history and can improve your surfing every day with expert coaching and tips and video analysis.

Should I have insurance if I attend the overnight camp?

YES! Travel insurance is a great thing to have for those just in case moments or in case of injury or illness delaying your trip! It is not mandatory because We are not responsible for tuition refunds or expenses incurred for trip delays, cancellation, or illness. In the event that you must cancel at the last minute due to an unfortunate event, travel insurance can help protect your investment.

Additional questions or comments?

Contact us if you have any additional questions or comments!